YPFB will invest over US$400 million in the construction of a storage plant and pipeline in Peru

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

In order to perform an optimal job and seek efficiency in future operations in Ilo, Peru, Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) will invest more than US$400 million in the construction of a storage plant and the laying of a pipeline connecting Bolivia with that coastal city in southwestern Peru, announced the president of the state oil company, Óscar Barriga Arteaga.

The construction of the Ilo Plant will cost between 90 and 100 million dollars, and the investment in the construction of 262 km of pipeline between Ilo-Charaña and the adaptation of 188 km of the Santa Cruz-Sica Sica-Arica pipeline (OSSA -2) between Charaña - Sica - Sica, it will have an investment of more than 300 million dollars

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"The construction project of a storage plant in Ilo is in the stage of detailed engineering and the construction of a pipeline from Ilo to our country is also planned, which will allow us to move our liquids from Bolivia to overseas and from overseas to our country, "said Barriga.

"These are investments that we have to face in such a way that we have the ability to go to the coast through that plant and that pipeline that will give us the ease of having both an outlet and an input lung for our liquid components that we have and handle today. ", said the president of the state oil company.

Barriga ratified that YPFB will participate in the neighboring country in international public tenders with the purpose of winning the supply of natural gas in the Peruvian market and domestic gas connections for the domestic, industrial and commercial sectors of southern Peru.

"We will participate as an international company to develop activities in the Peruvian market not only with the provision of gas but also with gas facilities."

The portfolio of investments abroad of Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos contemplates for this year the opening of business units in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Peru, a scenario that will allow consolidating the internationalization of the Bolivian state oil company.

This YPFB release was published using an automatic translation system.