Shushufindi Refinery culminates programmed stoppage of the Crude Unit 1

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

After 17 days from the start of the maintenance works of the Crude Unit 1 (R1) of the Shushufindi Refinery, yesterday it started its operation and once stabilized it operates at 100% of its capacity.

Between the works realized during the programmed unemployment stand out: calibration of instruments of measurement, correction of escapes of steam, maintenance of the furnace aeroenfriador and exchangers of heat, containers of the tower of distillation, change of the descendant of the gases of the dome of the tower of fractionation and general cleaning of equipment and containers.

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The Unit of Crude 1 of atmospheric distillation, processes around 10 thousand barrels per day of oil, from which base gasoline (heavy naphtha plus light naphtha), Diesel 1 and 2, Jet Fuel and reduced crude oil are obtained.

The R1, in conjunction with the R2 are the two crude processing units that have this refining center and that, together with the Gas Plant, make up the Shushufindi Industrial Complex (CIS).

This programmed stoppage is carried out every two years, with the purpose of giving general maintenance to the equipment and instruments that could have worn out during its operation.

The Shushufindi Refinery supplies gasoline and diesel to the provinces of Sucumbíos, Orellana and Napo, and LPG to the city of Quito and its area of ​​influence. The processing capacity of the Shushufindi Refinery is 20 thousand barrels of crude oil per day.

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