Pemex presents new additive for gasolines

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Petróleos Mexicanos presented today the new additive that will be integrated into Pemex Magna and Pemex Premium gasoline, and will be promoted under the Pemex Aditec brand. This additive is friendly to the environment, as it keeps the engine free of dirt up to 97 percent, which allows efficient combustion and greater power.

This Mexican technological innovation will represent a competitive advantage for the Pemex franchise, made up of more than 10,000 service stations throughout the country.

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In the presentation event, headed by the general director of Pemex Industrial Transformation, Carlos Murrieta Cummings, it was highlighted that this technology keeps the performance and performance of the engine pistons to the maximum, allowing a lower emission of polluting gases.

Technical Information of the Additive

The new Pemex additive has detergency agents that keep the intake valves and engine injectors free of dirt. It optimizes the operation of the engine, helping to obtain maximum performance and reduce polluting emissions.

The additive has an antioxidant or prevention agent that prevents the effects of oxidation and deterioration of the valves, as well as an anti-adhesive agent that prevents these valves from sticking.

In addition, it has a solvent that helps maintain the stability of the mixture with gasoline at different temperatures to facilitate its operation and fluidity within the engine. Another of its contents is a demulsifier, agent that reduces the tendency to form emulsions and contains a corrosion inhibitor.

This Pemex press release was published using an automatic translation system.