Internationalization: YPFB will open Business Units in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Peru

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

The foreign investment portfolio of Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) contemplates the opening of business units in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Peru this year, a scenario that will consolidate the internationalization of YPFB, informed the president of the state-owned company today, Oscar Barriga Arteaga.

"We have defined 2019 as the year of the internationalization of our company, today we are exporters of natural gas, LPG, recon (reconstituted crude), isopentane and from our Ammonia and Urea Plant we are also exporters of fertilizers. YPFB's products enable the state oil company to participate actively in the destination markets, "said Barriga.

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The new scenario will allow that in some cases these business units participate actively in the distribution chain of the products obtained by YPFB in the target markets.

YPFB will be established with Bolivian personnel in these countries immediately. "We are finalizing our administrative process and in less than a month we will have the opening of our office in Brazil and the same thing we are doing in the other countries," explained the president of YPFB.

Also, the authority indicated that work is being done on the detailed engineering for the construction of a gas pipeline to the Paraguayan market that links the transportation system of the south of the country directly with the Paraguayan market, "he said.

The state oil company also projected the massification of gas and so YPFB will actively participate in a tender not only for the provision of gas for southern Peru, but also for the installation of gas networks for the domestic, industrial and commercial segments in that region of the neighboring country.

"Also in Peru is in our plans the construction of a pipeline from Ilo to our country to give us autonomy in the transportation of fuels, in addition to the project of construction of a storage plant in Peruvian territory," said Barriga.

This YPFB release was published using an automatic translation system.