In five days YPFB sold half a million liters of Super Ethanol 92

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

"Until the end of the afternoon of Tuesday, November 6, the commercialization of the new Gasoline Super Ethanol 92 registered more than 500 thousand liters, this record of sales corresponds to the first 5 days after its launch in facilities of the Guillermo Refinery Elder Bell on November 1 in the presence of the President of the State, Evo Morales ", celebrated the president of YPFB, Óscar Barriga.

The main feature of the new fuel is the incorporation of anhydrous alcohol up to 12%, which allows its octane to be increased to 92, a factor that provides greater power at the time of combustion.

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"In addition, the Super Ethanol 92 Gasoline brings other positive characteristics for the environment, such as the lower emission of greenhouse gases, and thanks to the revitalization of the agro-industrial sector, about 1,600 million dollars will be invested until the year 2025 for increase the planting area of ​​sugarcane, as well as its capacity of grinding and production of anhydrous alcohol ", added Barriga.

The success of the Super Ethanol 92 gasoline resides in the synergy created between the State and the private enterprise around this project, "since these investments will lead to the creation of 27 thousand new sources of employment, in addition to the foreign exchange savings for the State, thanks to the substitution of the import of inputs and additives in the order of 80 million liters in what remains of this 2018 ", concluded the president of YPFB.

The new fuel, sold at a price of Bs 4.50 per liter at 17 service stations in the Santa Cruz capital, is expected to be launched in other cities of the country such as La Paz, Cochabamba and Tarija and in the coming days.

This YPFB press release was published using an automatic translation system.