Collahuasi maintains operational continuity

Friday, February 8, 2019


(Iquique, February 8, 2019) Compañía Minera Doña Inés de Collahuasi reports that, as a result of the precipitations fallen in the highlands of Tarapacá, it is operating with all the necessary controls to protect the safety of people, maintaining operational continuity .

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Regarding the transfer of personnel, the route A-65 is partially cut, and all the own workers and contractors who were detained in the buses that were in the route, were assisted from last night with food and shelter, managing to cross the affected area and arrive without problems to Iquique. There will be no new transfers of people to mountain range work until Sunday, an action that will be subject to constant evaluation by the technical teams. Likewise, we are in constant coordination with the authority to evaluate the actions to follow.

Frequently the mountain range of Collahuasi, in the summer months, faces the precipitations associated with the altiplanic winter, reason why it is prepared to face this type of contingencies.

We emphasize that Collahuasi's efforts are focused on protecting the integrity of all its workers, as well as generating the necessary conditions for operational continuity, which will remain in evaluation according to the evolution of weather conditions.