SNMPE members adopt code of conduct

Thursday, January 30, 2003

Peru's mining and energy sector, through its trade association the SNMPE, has signed up to a code of conduct that seeks to guarantee the development of these activities with social, legal and environmental responsibility, the SNMPE said in a communique.

The code of conduct has as guiding principles: Respect for and compliance with the law and business ethics, social responsibility, responsible use of and care for natural resources, efficiency and safety measures to protect workers, respect for ethnic diversities and permanent dialogue with society at large.

"If on the one hand businesses work toward sustained development and decentralization and on the other the government leads the way in joint development projects by providing adequate safeguards with laws that are kept as well as enforced, we will be constructing a country that all Peruvians dream about," SNMPE president Ricardo Briceno.

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SNMPE members are responsible for 91% of mining and metal production, 95% of petroleum output and 90% of energy generation in Peru.