First electric taxis to hit Chile streets

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

By Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications (MTT)

October 17, 2018

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• Some 23 vehicles will immediately begin to circulate in the streets of Santiago, out of a total of 60 that will be added in the short term.

• They have an autonomy of 200 kilometers and their operation prevents the release of three tons of CO2.

The first fleet of electric taxis in the country, which will soon be circulating in the streets of Santiago, was presented today by the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt, together with the Undersecretary of Energy, Ricardo Irarrázabal, and the Metropolitan Mayor, Karla Rubilar.

It consists of 23 executive taxis that are part of the program promoted by the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications that tendered a total of 60 spaces for vehicles with this zero emission technology and which is part of the Government's plan to promote electromobility in mobility systems. In this program, Santiago expects the incorporation of 200 electric buses between December and January, to which they will join more with the next Transantiago tender.

"Responding to the mandate of President Sebastián Piñera and his Government program, as a ministry, we are focusing our work on raising the quality of all public transport in our cities." The incorporation of these new electric taxis will provide a new option for non-polluting transportation to the cities. users, because a better quality of life not only implies traveling comfortably, but also living in a city with better environmental standards, "said the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Gloria Hutt.

"Electromobility in public transport has already begun to break into our streets and will soon be a daily reality in public transport, with pride and satisfaction we will receive, at the end of November, the first 100 electric buses, which, like these taxis, will be a great benefit for people and for our environment, "added the Secretary of State.

For his part, the Undersecretary of Energy, Ricardo Irarrázabal, said that "as a Ministry of Energy, we are strongly promoting electromobility." In our Energy Route 2018-2022, we set a goal to increase the number of electric vehicles circulating in our country by 10 times, and to this end, lines of action relating to regulation are established, basically rules and standards for shippers, enhancing public transport and high-altitude fleets, generating information and platforms for disseminating technology ".

He added that "in the energy efficiency bill that we entered into Congress in September, we included the power to establish Energy Efficiency Standards for the new, light, medium and heavy motorized vehicle fleet, as well as allow up to three times the performance of each electric or hybrid vehicle with external electric recharge, which will generate an important incentive for vehicle importers to include vehicles of these characteristics in their sales mix ".

The electric taxis presented today have a battery autonomy of 200 kilometers and the operation of each of them prevents the release of three tons of CO2 and the burning of 1,300 liters of gasoline per year.

This process of delivery of new electric taxi seats is expected to be replicated again later this year in Santiago, as well as in the Valparaíso Region, with a tender of 100 vacancies for Valparaíso - Viña del Mar and 25 for the province of San Antonio .