PDAR studying Yapacaní-Ivirgarzama rail line

Monday, January 2, 2006

Bolivia's alternative regional development program (PDAR) has drafted an economic, technical and feasibility study for the construction of a railroad between Yapacaní and Ivirgarzama in central Bolivia, local press reported.

The proposed rail line is 102km long and would run between Yapacaní in Santa Cruz department and Ivirgarzama, a production center in neighboring Cochabamba department.

The railroad would be used to transport production to both Santa Cruz city, as well as northern Argentina and eventually Paraguay, Uruguay and southwestern Brazil.

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The project would require between US$26mn and US$38mn, depending on the different possibilities under which the line could be administered.

The money would be used to build the rail lines themselves, 15 bridges, drainage works and two loading and unloading stations in Yapacaní and Ivirgarzama.

Acquisition of refrigerated wagons and locomotives will not be necessary because the Red Oriental railroad company has already agreed to provide this equipment in Cochabamba department.

This area of the country cultivates large quantities of agricultural produce such as bananas, pineapples and palm hearts, which already have a guaranteed market in northern Argentina and Buenos Aires.