Peru analyzes security systems and cyberdefense

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

By Congress of the Republic of Peru (machine translation)

Monday, January 7, 2019

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Several aspects related to the information, networks and cyber defense issues in our country were presented on Monday 7 by representatives of various military institutions of the country, in a working meeting of the National Defense Commission, chaired by legislator Jorge Del Castillo Gálvez (PAP).

At the beginning of the meeting, the lawmaker from Lima said that the purpose of the meeting is to contribute to the parliamentary debate on the norms and protocols necessary to guarantee information security or security of information technologies in Peru.

"Thank you for your attendance. This is an issue that worries us, as we need to obtain information and materials on cybersecurity, which is the branch of computing related to security, both the equipment and infrastructure, and the information that these teams they contain, especially, with respect to privileged information or national security," he said.

The representatives of the Ministry of Defense, Luis Montero Oliva, of the Navy of Peru, Enrique Arnáez; of the Air Force of Peru, César Aquero, agreed on the need to standardize work and information in this regard, since it is necessary to improve and update the capacity of the State and its military and related institutions in relation to defense and information systems .

"Cybersecurity is currently an issue that is addressed in academic and military sectors, whereas before it was only in the commercial sphere. There are some institutions that have signed agreements in this regard, we must take into account the experience and progress of other countries in this field. matter, that allows us to improve our computing and communication capacity, "said Enrique Arnáez of the Navy.

He said that cyberspace is the set of physical and logical means that make up the infrastructure of communication and information systems that interact for common objectives with these subjects.

Another aspect pointed out in relation to this case is that there still would not be a widely accepted or agreed upon definition among national and supranational organizations on "Digital Security", being necessary to have a definition in accordance with good practices, international standards and national objectives in that area. .

The representatives of the Ministry of the Interior, Sergio Monar; of the National Police of Peru, Neyre Rodríguez; and of the National Directorate of Intelligence, Daniel Taype, pointed out the need for the unification and regularization of cyberdefense actions, and the policies to be implemented in this regard, taking into account some regulations that regulate this activity.

Such is the case of Law N ° 30618 on Strengthening and Modernization of the National Intelligence System (SINA and the National Directorate of Intelligence, DINI) establishing the need to develop the definition of digital security at the national level.

After the presentations and contributions of the guests and specialists for this case, the parliamentarian Jorge Del Castillo, said that with the vertiginous advance of ICT have increased, on the one hand, the supply of digital services and, on the other hand, the national security risks associated with these, being necessary that our country has a definition of Digital Security of national scope.

"We should consider the existing risks in the digital environment, the actors that make up the digital ecosystem, and that contribute to the implementation of policies and actions for their proper management, and advance in this area that we are particularly concerned with in the Defense sector. We will continue working to improve this case, "said the legislator.