Latin America drives SAS's 2013 revenues

Friday, January 31, 2014

Advanced analytics software provider SAS posted revenues of US$3.02bn in 2013, boosted by strong growth in Latin America, the company said in a statement.

The Americas accounted for 46.7% of revenue followed by Europe, Middle East and Africa (41.4%) and Asia Pacific (11.9%).

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According to SAS, companies seeking to stop fraud drove sales of prevention and security intelligence solutions by 44% last year.

Revenue from cloud-based solution SAS Solutions On-demand grew 20% driven by pharmaceutical companies which are facing new regulations in the US.

"Income from all industries grew, including an 18% growth in the energy and utilities sectors, 17% in healthcare and 16% in capital markets. Latin America is one of the most dynamic economies in the market and that generates opportunities to present innovative solutions," said José Luis Sánchez, SAS' president for Latin America.

SAS said it expects growth this year in data management, as companies with huge amounts of data struggle to prepare it for analysis. More and more companies are adopting the open-source Hadoop framework for data storage and processing.

Companies are also seeking data visualization, which simplifies how users view data to a simple point and click exercise.

SAS is also tailoring solutions to address the needs of specific industries. In 2013, banking accounted for the lion's share of revenue, accounting for 25.2%, followed by government (13.7%), services (11.2%), insurance (10.1%), life sciences (6.9%), and communications (6.7%).

In 2014, SAS will roll out new improved solutions to address needs, from optimizing retail channels and managing risk to detecting and preventing fraud, retaining customers, and addressing digital marketing needs.

Sales of SAS's on-demand solutions is on the up, as more companies look to cloud-based solutions to unlock the benefits of complex analyses for drug development, education, anti-money laundering, fraud detection, marketing optimization, customer, social media analytics etc.

SAS also has made a major push into big data analytics, which is expected to become a hot topic in Latin America in 2014.

SAS's SVP Jim Davis said that while not every business has big data, opportunities to grow business can hinge on how well it explores huge, publicly available data.

"Data is everywhere," Davis said. "It's coming from sources like financial systems, sensors, web traffic, wearable devices, social media platforms and open government databases. Low-cost storage and in-memory computing have converged to help organizations make proactive choices on many things, from marketing to product design."