ProGD: Check out the final report of the Working Group

Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) published the final report of the Working Group (GT) of the Program for the Development of Distributed Generation of Electricity (ProGD), launched in 2015. The program aims to broaden and deepen stimulus actions to the generation of energy by the consumers themselves, based on renewable energy sources - in particular solar photovoltaic.

For the preparation of the report, entities from different sectors were invited to present different views on the subject. The study was organized in five themes: financing, commercialization of electricity, insertion of Distributed Generation (GD) in public buildings, regulatory impacts and technical impacts resulting from the mass implementation of GD.

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According to MME experts, the report is considered the first step in the growth of distributed generation in a structured and sustainable way. For consumers and the electric sector, GD brings several benefits. By being closer to the centers of consumption, it can postpone investments in electricity distribution networks and reduce losses.

The study was developed by a WG composed of MME, National Electric Energy Agency (ANEEL), Energy Research Company (EPE), Electric Energy Research Center (CEPEL) and Electric Energy Trading Chamber (CCEE).

Access the final ProGD report here.

To learn more and access ProGD's history, click here.

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