Ecuador resumed work to complete the 500 kV transmission system

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

After solving problems with the community, the Electric Corporation of Ecuador CELEC EP resumed work to complete the 6-kilometer stretch of the El Inga-Tisaleo transmission line at 500 kV, in the Toacaso parish, Latacunga county, Cotopaxi province.

This work is part of the 500 kV transmission system, the new electric highway, which CELEC EP builds through its Transelectric Business Unit, which transports the energy of the generation plants (Coca Codo Sinclair and Sopladora) to the different centers of consumption of the whole country, contributing significantly to the development of Ecuador through a strategic service of quality.

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Weeks ago work was resumed on the line El Inga -Tisaleo at 500 kV, which is 149.24 km long. Of these, 6 kilometers, with 13 towers located in the communities of the Toacaso parish, are in the process of being built, once the respective agreements for the passage of the line were finalized. This management is driven by Raúl Canelos, manager of CELEC EP Transelectric, and supported by all the work team that permanently works to complete this important infrastructure.

At the moment the studies of topography, soils and concrete tests are completed, to guarantee the safety of the foundations. In February, work on the civil works and the assembly of the structures began in accordance with the schedule established for the completion of this section of line.

Robert Simpson, general manager of CELEC EP, highlighted the interest of the new administration to promote and conclude projects that, for different reasons, were paralyzed.

The physical advance of the transmission system to 500 kV, is 98.7%, which is already operating providing a reliable and safe energy service. Once the El Inga - Tisaleo transmission line is completed, in the middle of the year, the El Inga, Tisaleo and Chorrillos substations, located in the provinces of Pichincha, Tungurahua and Guayas respectively, will be interconnected, and the first 500 kV interconnection will be available. between Quito and Guayaquil. With this work, the system is finalized, strengthening the transportation of electricity in the country.

This new electric highway is the first transmission system to operate at this voltage level in the country and is composed of a set of works, which were built in parallel and make up the following infrastructure:

• 600 km of transmission lines at 500 kV

• 300 km of 230 kV transmission lines

• 4,800 MVA in transformation capacity, in the following substations:

4 Substations of 500 kV: El Inga, San Rafael, Chorrillos and Tisaleo

2 230 kV substations: Jivino and Shushufindi

CELEC EP works every day to strengthen the country's energy transformation, which leads to the progress and development of Ecuadorians.

This Celec release was published using an automatic translation system.