Chile announces that the Distribution Bill will address energy storage

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

In the framework of the inauguration of the international seminar, Susana Jiménez highlighted the importance of technology in storage systems, and how to take advantage of its use in the electrical system through proper regulation.

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The challenges and opportunities of energy storage, in the context of the Energy Route 2018-2022, together with an analysis of the state of technological art, applications and business models, were some of the topics discussed at the international seminar "Systems Storage in the electricity sector: Regulation and New Business Models ", organized by Generadoras de Chile and the Chilean-North American Chamber of Commerce (Amcham Chile).

The Minister of Energy, Susana Jiménez, was in charge of opening the meeting, in which she stressed that "not only must we talk about energy 'industry', but we are moving towards an energy society, since the rapid technological evolution is achieving that, those concepts that were previously far from ordinary people, are becoming part of our citizens' daily life, such as renewable energy, energy storage and electromobility ".

During her speech, the Secretary of State was emphatic in pointing out that "the competitiveness of batteries will depend on the cost and value they provide in different electrical systems, and how markets adapt their regulations to achieve the highest possible efficiency".

In this context, he explained that "we have also compromised that adaptation of our regulatory framework, in order to be prepared for the energy transition we must face, and we know that the modifications we plan to make in terms of transmission, distribution and flexibility for our We can not ignore, for example, that flexible resources or renewable generation can come from distribution, that storage systems can also provide network services, or that electric cars they could have a relevant role not only as consumption, just to mention some examples ".

In accordance with the above, Minister Jiménez announced that "the bills that will undoubtedly have more to do with storage and its possible uses are the modernization of distribution and flexibility".

Regarding the first, he explained that the Ministry of Energy is working together with the SEC and the CNE, "and we hope to convene a workshop for the end of January to discuss the conceptual guidelines that we will follow and the analyzes carried out to date. it will be repeated in March, and we have defined different instances later with the goal of entering the second semester the project to be processed in the Congress ".

Regarding flexibility, the Energy Holder indicated that "we are convinced that modernization must consider modifications at all levels, not only in legal aspects, but also in relation to operational practices, technical regulations and regulations. Our work to date has consisted in identifying those aspects, as well as quantifying the possible requirements that our system would have, and how it would respond with a significant penetration of variable renewable energy ".

And if it is about goals, the minister indicated that during the first semester "we hope to start processing those amendments in Parliament".

Evolution of storage

During his presentation, the Minister of Energy indicated that the different forms of energy storage that have been developed for decades, "already reaches 160 gigawatts of installed capacity in the world," predominantly pumping water, even though "it is necessary to remember that a good part of its incorporation occurred before the deregulation of international markets, responding to other needs and at scales different from current developments ".

In that sense, he explained that the progress that has been made with new technologies, with features and scales different from the traditional, "has gone hand in hand with the growth of variable renewable energies, as they are an increasingly necessary complement to the strong penetration of these sources. "

Finally, he emphasized the role of the Ministry of Energy in the energy transition, recalling that "the Energy Route was built with a citizen seal, gathering the concerns from each of the corners of our country." We believe that in order to achieve the ambitious challenges reflected therein, important regular looking forward and not backward, and above all placing people at the center of our work, so that in this way energy modernization reaches everyone ".

This Ministry of Energy release was published using an automatic translation system.