Argentina's Edenor installs 70,000 prepay electric meters

Monday, April 16, 2018

Argentine electricity distributor Edenor has so far this year installed 70,000 integrated energy meters (MIDE), equipment that allows for a prepaid tariff, a reduction in energy loss and increased efficiency.

The company told state news agency Télam that 95% of the meters were installed in the homes of beneficiaries of the government's social tariff. The goal is to install a total of 260,000 such meters this year and next.

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The new smart equipment that replaces the traditional electric meters allows users to top up their energy credit with no minimum amount, much like phone credit.

Edenor said that with 100 pesos (US$4.90), someone can buy approximately 80KWh, just over 25% of the average monthly consumption of a typical home.