ANEEL starts next week inspection of dams at 142 plants

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

ANEEL will start next week (12/2) task force to inspect the dams of 142 hydroelectric plants in May in 18 states, in addition to the Federal District. After this first stage, the Agency will extend, from May to the end of December, the face-to-face inspection of all hydropower dams classified as "High Potential Damage", up to a total of 335 projects surveyed in the year. It is important to note that "Potential High Damage" is a classification that refers to the area affected by the plant - if it is densely populated, for example - and not to its structural conditions.

In a meeting held today (5/2) with the state regulatory agencies of São Paulo, Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, Mato Grosso and Goiás, ANEEL defined how the inspection will be carried out. The Agency will inspect with its own staff and support of accredited agents dams of 71 plants with the greatest potential damage. The other 71 plants will be inspected by the State Agencies agreed by each region.

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The Agency's inspection characterizes dams by two criteria: high potential damage and risk. The potential high damage includes the following aspects: dams with large reservoirs; existence of persons permanently occupying the area downstream of the dam; area to be affected presents relevant environmental interest or is protected and existing residential, commercial, agricultural, industrial infrastructure facilities and leisure and tourism services in the area that would be affected. In the risk criterion are evaluated: the project documentation, technical qualification of the dam safety team, security inspection and monitoring scripts; operational rule of dam discharge devices and safety inspection reports with analysis and interpretation.

Check here the classification of power plant dams by State.

ANEEL has already conducted face-to-face inspections at 122 plants between 2016 and 2018. These facilities will be re-inspected this year in the second stage of the task force, after May. In addition to face-to-face surveys, in compliance with the deliberations of the Resolution of the Ministerial Council for Disaster Response Supervision, ANEEL is mandating all the plants it inspects, including those evaluated as being of lower risk, to update the Dam Safety Plans and the Emergency Action Plan. In this case, to reinforce the commitment with the information presented, ANEEL started to require that the documents be signed not only by the technical leader, but also by the company's president.

Among the mills that will be visited until May, are those of Americana and Pirapora, both in São Paulo. The purpose, in this case, is to verify if the plants implemented the improvements determined by the inspection of the São Paulo regulatory agency ARSESP, made in agreement with ANEEL. The mills underwent a final survey in August 2018.

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