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Datapro congratulates Banco Ficensa on core banking system

Monday, October 22, 2018

Datapro Inc., the market leader in core banking systems in the Americas, congratulates the board, shareholders and management of BANCO FICENSA for the successful start-up of the e-IBS® Core Banking System of DATAPRO Inc , which will increase the range of financial services that the bank offers to its clients.

The know-how of both institutions contributed to a transparent and efficient implementation for the clients and users of BANCO FICENSA. As a result, DATAPRO adds to its portfolio another successful migration of a banking institution to its core banking system.

With this new rollout, DATAPRO's core banking systems are present in 54 Central American banks, and 160 financial institutions worldwide.

BANCO FICENSA implemented this new modern platform to obtain first-class technological infrastructure that facilitates continuous growth.