1 Day to go for the New BNamericas!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Our redesigned and streamlined platform is ready to bring you the business intelligence you have come to rely on from BNamericas, but with a tailor-made experience for you and your team! On January 29 the current platform will go offline, and its users will receive assistance to migrate to the new site.


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A Personalized Home Screen

Organize our business intelligence and data in a way that best suits you, with personalized dashboards and widgets. Everything that is important on a single screen.

Customized Newsletters

Each user in your BNamericas subscription has different needs. In the new platform you can define the content of your daily newsletter, the time it arrives, and create a feed of specific news that fits your interests.

Smart Notifications

Get updates on everything that happens in your industry: reports, related articles, changes in key contact information and changes in the budget and stage of a local project.

We will notify you in real-time about all the news on the platform with notifications via email.

Improved Visualization Tools

Explore our databases either as a list, visually on a map, or analytically with the new Insights panel.