Securing corporate information in the cloud

Friday, April 13, 2018

Having arrived in the region just six months ago, US firm Netskope is a newcomer in Latin America, but the firm, which was founded in 2012, believes it can make a splash in the segment of cloud-based IT security solutions.  

Among its clients are the GSM Association (GSMA), Airbnb and IT companies Nvidia and Juniper Networks. Operating exclusively through channels, Netskope is hiring in Brazil and Colombia for commercial positions.

BNamericas spoke to Daniel Junqueira, technical director for Latin America, about the company's next moves.

BNamericas: How is Netskope's operation distributed in Latin America?

Junqueira: Netskope is a leading provider of cloud security solutions; it's a cloud access security broker (CASB) and 100% channel-based. We started operations in Latin America in October last year, starting with Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Peru.

Currently, with a little more than six months of activity in the region, we already have clients in Argentina, Colombia and Brazil. The company has also plans to hire in Brazil, including through the training of sales channels.

Our growth has been strong in Latin America largely because this is a new market. Revenue in Latin America is still small, but we already have partners operating in every country where our services and solutions are available. Specifically in Brazil, Netskope has channel partners in São Paulo, Rio, Brasilia, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba and Fortaleza.

BNamericas: Are there plans for the opening of new offices in the region?

Junqueira: Yes, we are hiring a professional services executive in Brazil, effective in May. We are equally in the process of hiring professionals in Colombia, also due to start next month.

Netskope is committed to Latin America, especially Brazil. So we are investing heavily in the region and should have local news soon.

BNamericas: Which market verticals does Netskope mainly target?

Junqueira: We are selling today to companies from the financial sector, insurance, retail, health, industry, oil & gas and government, among others.

We believe that regardless of the sector in which an enterprise operates, the protection of data is common to all of them. Therefore, any company that has confidential and sensitive data is a strong candidate to become our customer.

BNamericas: How does the company aim to differentiate itself from the competition in such a disputed security solutions market?

Junqueira: Netskope operates 100% via channels. That's why our focus is our partners. The goal is to work with few channels, but highly specialized in what Netskope offers.

As such, we are investing heavily in the training and qualification of channels. In São Paulo, next May, we will have a workshop with partner channels to reinforce Netskope's message.

What differentiates us from competitors is precisely how we manage channels, hence we opted for a few, enabling us to increase the quality of our services while making partners grow with us.

As for customers, we've realized, unfortunately, that the demand for security solutions has not been a priority.

Our approach therefore is different as we try to address the cloud security issue from a more comprehensive point of view, helping the client understanding the possibilities of CASB and CSG (Cloud Security Gateway) tools.

We seek to expand awareness of current and potential new customers about important requirements such as controlling personal devices and the overlaying of data from corporate and personal applications hosted in the cloud.