Huge Needs, Doubts

This year, BNamericas asked its survey respondents if US President Donald Trump's move to put "America first" and potentially tear up international accords such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) would affect Latin America's infrastructure projects.

While the responses showed a likely adverse effect on Latin America's infrastructure sector in the short to mid-term due to Trump, other responses indicated that China would now play a bigger role in financing and builing the region's roads, airports, ports and railways - an important trend to watch for.

Meanwhile, responses to other questions demonstrate a clear tendency to favoring work in countries that are implementing legislative changes that allow for private investment in the infrastructure sector, with specific areas such as roads and urban transit set to reap the rewards.

As in survey results of years past, faulty planning and corruption continue to be massive issues in Latin America's infrastructure. Long-term infrastructure and development plans are at risk due to weak government planning and corruption scandals that have undermined certain projects. This is particularly important as the region's economies start coming to life again, as is expected in 2018, which means greater need to close the infrastructure gap.

The survey received 70 responses from industry experts and observers from investment banks, industry suppliers, construction firms, engineering and consulting companies, infrastructure operators, IT firms and NGOs that have operations and/or interests in the major infrastructure markets throughout Latin America. This report will review the findings and offer insight about the direction the region's infra projects will take in 2018.

Graph: Corruption


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