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Nokia and Ericsson recently took advantage of Mobile World Congress in Spain to showcase off-the-shelf IoT solutions applicable to multiple verticals, and given the firms' global presence we can expect such solutions to surface in the Americas shortly.

In fact, they will be arriving late to the party, since Oracle Latin America showcased in January a selection of solutions for worker safety, fleet monitoring, warehouse management, and industrial plant management.

Also in January, mobile operator TIM Brasil signed its third "4G in the Field" contract to provide private voice, mobile data and IoT connectivity for industrial-scale farming groups.

These standardized solutions come on the back of efforts from well-funded industries to hire big-name global tech firms to develop custom-built solutions in the past, even if the term IoT may not have been what they had in mind at the time.

Either way, vendors are responding to confirmed interest on the part of industrial clients, and these developments support strong CAGR figures projected by market research firms in recent months.

Figure - IoT Connection Growth in Latin America
                          Source: GSMA

Figure - Global IoT Inflection in 2022


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