In the early part of this century, a majority of countries in Latin America, after a long period of high prices of raw materials and nationalist processes, changed the rules of the game to capture more income. They gave their state energy companies a more leading and hegemonic role, nationalized companies, increased subsidies and reduced private participation in the energy sector.

The drastic fall in oil and natural gas prices since mid-2014, followed by a slow recovery, coupled with inefficient investments made by state energy companies and other factors, has forced several countries in the region to become more pragmatic and resort again to the private sector. For this to happen, governments are making adjustments in the legal and regulatory frameworks to encourage private investment and in parallel processes of privatization and the sale of assets have begun under various modalities.

Gas Energy Latin America (GELA) in this report for Business News Americas analyzes and details the incentives and business and investment opportunities that could be evaluated in the next two to three years, based on the new incentives and privatization processes, sales of assets and formation of public-private partnerships.


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