Output rising among LatAm top silver miners
Panama mulling financing options for new canal bridge
Bolsonaro to delegate infrastructure to retired military officers
Escondida workers form new negotiating group


Engie builds up Chile development pipeline
Polarized scenario puts Brazil's sovereign rating at risk
OECD cuts GDP outlook for Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
IBM and artificial intelligence: From agriculture to energy
Argentina's Macri opens Buenos Aires road bridge
South America power roundup
IDB awards solid waste management grant for Haiti
Companies eyeing 83 Colombian oil and gas areas
Vale benefits more from high iron ore quality premia than Australian rivals
Argentina opens first phase of CAF-funded irrigation project
Gtd proposes 3,500km Chile submarine cable link
China the winner in Venezuela deals - economist
Bogotá opens 5 bids for US$125mn wastewater project
Fernando Benalcázar becomes Ecuador's deputy mining minister
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