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BNB Brasil (Banco do Nordeste do Brasil S.A.)


BNB Brasil - Banco do Nordeste do Brasil S.A.

Founded in 1954, Brazil’s federal bank Banco do Nordeste do Brasil (BNB) operates as a development, investment and commercial bank serving the country’s northeastern region. As the government's primary financing agent in the region, BNB allocates funds to finance individuals and SMEs, as well as fund social and financial programs. It also acts as a disbursement channel for the federal family farm financing program Pronaf. The bank serves low-income microentrepreneurs and population sectors through microfinance programs Crediamigo and Agroamigo. BNB’s traditional financial services include investment solutions, such as savings accounts and certificates of deposit, as well as checking accounts, insurance products, and bill collection services. In addition, the bank provides capital management services for regional infrastructure projects and general development plans. As of December 31, 2009, the bank served 1,989 municipalities in 11 states through a network of 183 branches and a staff of 5,895 employees. BNB is headquartered in Fortaleza in the Brazilian state of Ceará.

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BNB Brasil Data and Contacts

Name: BNB Brasil
Address: Av. Pedro Ramalho 5700, Bloco C1 Superior
City: Fortaleza,Ceará
Country: Brazil
Phone number: 55-85- 32993041
Fax: 55-85-32993675
Sector: Insurance
Subsectors: Credit & Bond

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